Privacy Tips


Utilize a VPN or proxies to shield your IP address, and don’t forget to switch your IP addresses between when you deposit and withdraw.

Clear your cache before withdrawing with a new wallet. Certain platforms or dApps can connect your identity through cookies despite using multiple wallets. If your browser has it, an incognito tab can be useful.

The secret is like a note that contains data which can be used to link your deposit to your withdrawal. If you wish to allow someone to audit your transactions, you should keep the secret after it is spent. However, in general, to maximize privacy, you would want to destroy the secret.


Wait for some deposits to come in following yours. If your deposit and withdrawal are back to back, an observer might guess that they belong to the same person. A good rule of thumb is to wait until there have been at least 5 deposits after yours.

Following up on the previous point, after you deposit, wait until some time has passed before you withdraw. Even if there are multiple deposits following yours, in theory, a malicious observer could have made them while trying to make you believe there have been a large number of deposits from various users. Then, when you withdraw, that user will know it was you. So we recommend waiting at least 24h to be certain there were enough deposits made by multiple people during that time.

If there is a batch of deposits from one address, and then a batch of the same size of withdrawals to a single address, they are very likely connected. If you need to make multiple withdrawals, try to spread them out and withdraw to addresses not linked with each other.

Мaking deposits or withdrawals only during waking hours of the time zone can reduce your anonymity.